our thing

we are a little cafe with food that makes you feel good. the quality, joy and integrity of our food are the cornerstones of honey hi. our menu is informed by collaborating with some incredible local farms and farmers, artisans, and community members. we use organic and locally sourced produce whenever possible, buying weekly from the farmers markets. our menu changes seasonally because figs don't grow year round, you know? we exclusively serve 100% organic, humanely raised animals and eggs from local California farms- grass fed beef & lamb, pastured chicken from Marin Sun Farms, Mary's organic turkey, etc. our bacon comes from happy heritage pigs who spent their lives on a farm, not a feed lot. our kitchen happens to be inherently gluten free and we don't use refined sugar, gmo's, vegetable oil (canola, sunflower, safflower, etc). honey hi is not exclusively vegan, vegetarian, or any one cuisine/thing- our thing is radical inclusivity. there's something for everyone. it's all good. we can't wait to feed you. 


caitlin and kacie are best friends who met in college 11 years ago in colorado. we're both short, opinionated, and passionate about good food that's also good for you. this place comes deeply from our hearts; kacie is a nutritionist, so the menu has been designed around being delicious but also nutritious, stuff you can eat every day and feel good afterwards. caitlin runs our operations and the front of house where you'll always find her with a smile- also, her dad helped us design and build honey hi and her mom (a chef) helped us open. please come say hi!