we have created new kind of restaurant - one that is sustainable for the environment, public health and our community.


partnering w/ local farms ~

the integrity of honey hi's cuisine lies the freshly picked, sustainably grown, flavorful & nutritious food we use to prepare it. we shop weekly from the los angeles farmers markets. our farmer sabrina grows our seasonal greens, an abundance of veggies and edible flowers at her farm in ojai, picks them in the morning and drops them off at our doorstep that afternoon. we are proud to support regenerative agriculture and soil restoration through small farms who practice humane animal rearing- marin sun farms provides our grass fed lamb, beef, pork and pastured chickens, heritage bacon, and we source our pasture raised eggs from la bahn ranch. while not local, our salmon from the faroe islands (in the atlantic ocean near scandinavia) hails from some of the cleanest, coldest waters and is harvested using extraordinarily sustainable fishing methods. we work with Imperfect produce to incorporate organic food that would otherwise be discarded as food waste. 

committed To organic ~

when we opened honey hi, we were startled to find that sourcing organic produce as a small restaurant was one of our biggest challenges right out the gate. while we source most of our produce from farmers markets and local vendors, we were saddened to learn that organic produce companies had enormous minimums - aka, you had to buy 40 heads of red cabbage at a time. the only other option was to buy conventional produce, which is sold in as small of a quantity you could possibly need at a moments notice. but we weren't going to do that. so we searched, made calls, begged and kicked and screamed, and eventually piloted a program with Charlie's produce who agreed to start breaking boxes for us on organic. now over forty restaurants have joined the program honey hi piloted - this means fresh, accessible, organic produce for small restaurants and businesses who couldn't easily access this kind of food before. 

composting ~

honey hi exclusively uses compostable to-go cups, coffee cups, compostable bowls and cutlery, recycled napkins, and paper straws. after an exhaustive fight with the city of los angeles to extend the composting program to our area of echo park, we are now composting all of our kitchen scraps!

for dine-in customers we serve our food in ceramic bowls, plates, and cups/ mugs for all beverages (including smoothies!)

bodily sustainability ~

diet is the #1 most modifiable factor in the development of long term health. it is also the #1 contributor to chronic illness. the approach we take to food is that what we consume can be nourishing, flavorful, celebratory, delicious, and satisfying on a deep level. what we eat can check all of those boxes and support our well-being in the long run, rather than contribute to disease or dysfunction as a result of food. the way we cook is crave-able, sustainable & comforting. something that works for your body and psychology in the long term, not just for a little while.