Honey Hi is a restaurant in Los Angeles. Everything on our menu is thoughtfully sourced and prepared. We place equal value on our food’s nutritional integrity as we do on the way it tastes. 

Our food reveres culinary tradition, but the ingredients we cook with are often more nutritious and sustainable than what’s common in the restaurant industry. The result is food that is vibrant, nourishing and exciting.

Honey Hi cares about how your food is sourced and prepared, rather than what category or philosophy it falls into.

for example; We serve pancakes, toast, and sandwiches made from nutrient-dense flours like buckwheat and hazelnut that are naturally gluten free. We are proud to serve meaT from grass-fed, local farms. We cook with real, unrefined oils like olive and coconut rather than the cheap vegetable oils that are prolific in the restaurant industry.

We DON’T use refined sugar, food additives or other ingredients that don’t promote well-being. We know our farmers, AND WORK WITH THOSE whoSE practices support regenerative agriculture and soil restoration AS OFTEN AS WE CAN. As it turns out, food made from scratch and sourced closer to home is more nutrient dense. Most importantly, it tastes better.